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Recordings: Path


The basic philosophy of this sect (Panth) is to traverse the spiritual journey to ultimate goal on sound current i.e. Surat Shabd Yog.Royal Master or Guru, traverses this spiritual path & guides the genuine seekers, their disciples,from earth upwards through kingdom after kingdom, from station after station, each one more splendid than the previous one in advancing stages until the traveller reaches his final destination at the feet of the supreme Lord. It is truly a highway over which the seeker, the traveller, the disciple, travels along with gurus - the saints, through vast regions. They may be stopping at different stations en-route.       The Saint, Param  Purush Sant Satguru is the captain leading the soul from victory after victory over different stations enroute as they have traversed this path number of times & He is the Master of all, Lord of all intervening regions through which this highway passes.

Definite internal sounds are audible at each station.The seeker, by meditation, concentration, catches this sound current as per the guidance of the Sant Satguru Param Purush Pooran Dhani Huzur Data Dayal.
"When the disciple is ready, the Guru i.e. the true mentor appears" is an age old saying.Param Purush Sant Satgurus are manifestations of supreme lord & incarnated from time to time for the salvation of deserving souls. The spiritual path is long and thorny and full of pitfalls and 'kalchakra' plays its role, to distract the seeker by innumerable distractions.By the grace, guidance and benevolence of true Guru alone seeker can march forward and win over the distractions, to reach the ultimate goal.Living Guru who has traversed this path, number of times is the only power capable of taking the soul successfully to the highest abode, at the sacred feet of Supreme Lord. The Guru only can help the disciple merge with Him for eternal peace, tranquility and supreme bliss, and thus liberate him from this mortal coil.