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List of Books

Books in English

Retransformation of Self                         Science and practise of Sant Mat

Stories of spiritual upliftment                  Irony of Fate

The verses of divine love of wisdom       Discourses of Huzur Data Dayal    

Books in Hindi

Shabdaamrit Dhara -I                              Jeevancharitra Huzur Data Dayal

Shabdaamrit Dhara -II                             Satyopdeshawali

Vachnaamrit Dhara-I                                Parmarthi Kahaniyan(Part I +PartII)

Vachnaamrit Dhara-II                              Shatabdi Uphaar

Vachnaamrit Dhara-III                             Holy Samadh Heerak Uphaar

Vachnaamrit Dhara-IV                             Swarna Jayanti(Dhara Sindh Pratap Naam)

Vachnaamrit Dhara-V                               Ardha Shatabdi Smarika

Vachnaamrit Dhara-VI F                          ariyaad Pukar

Vachnaamrit Dhara-VII                           Mansi Sewa

Vachnaamrit Dhara-VIII                          Chintan

Smriti Ganga                                           Shabd Pratap Diary

Satya sandesh -I                                     Hit kee Baat

Purna sukh aur shanti                               Bikhre Moti

Bhagya aur Bhavitavyata                          Parwal Pustika

Samay samay kee Prarthanayen               Sant samagam

Parmarthi prashna va uttar                        Prarthana aur Vinti

Fhridyodgaar                                             Satya Dharm

Param Purush Huzur Chachaji Maharaj evam Param Purush Huzur Data Dayal ke Parmarthic Patra

In addition to the above books on sale, we have a very rich library of spiritual books authored by most revered saints. Seekers can get issued the books from the library to get their doubts/confusions cleared.