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Huzur Swamiji Maharaj
Almighty His exalted self Param Sant Satguru Huzur Radhaswami Dayal, with the sole motive of liberation of deserving souls incarnated Himself in human form as revered Shri Shiv Dayal Singh Ji Seth in a Khatri family of Lala Dilwali Singh Ji Seth of Panni Gali Agra, at 00.30 Hrs on Janamashtmi day in August 1818. From His early childhood age of 6 yrs He had started 24 hrs/day, continuously at stretch for days together in meditation and declared "SURAT SHABD YOG" i.e. meditation and spiritual upliftment of soul through sound current. Regular "Satsang" i.e. divine services started at His Panni Gali House, Agra w.e.f Basant Panchmi day in January 1861. After fully establishing the Satsang He decided and declared to return back to His eternal abode on 15th June 1878 at about 2:30 pm. His followers had started addressing Him as Huzoor Swami Ji Maharaj.

Huzur Chachaji Maharaj
Param Purush Pooran Dhani Huzur Chachaji Maharaj revered Pratap Singh Ji Seth, younger brother of Huzoor Swami Ji Maharaj was born on 'Kwar Badi Teej' day in September 1830. He took initiation from His elder brother. Though He was the realized soul but all through His life He opted to lead the life of a devotee and disciple of His elder brother. When Huzoor Swami Ji Maharaj had declared to return to His eternal abode, Swami Ji Maharaj had permitted Chachaji Maharaj that if He so desired He could take up the role of Guru, the preacher of this path, but Huzoor Chachaji Maharaj most humbly replied that He had been the disciple and would prefer to remain the disciple of Swami Ji Maharaj and render His services to Huzoor Swami Ji Maharaj. Majestic Holy Samadhi of Huzoor Swami Ji Maharaj was designed under His guidance & its construction started under His supervision. It was thereafter colony of Swami Bagh was established, where He along with followers of Radha Swami Panth had shifted from Panni Gali House.

He earned His life by total dedication , devotion, spiritual upliftment through SURAT SHABD YOG meditation and finally merged with supreme lord in February 1909.

Huzur Data Dayal
Param Purush Poorn Dhani Sant Satguru Huzur Data Dayal was born on Deepawali Parwa Day i.e. 3rd November 1872 at 0 hours in village Lakhna, District Etawah (U.P) India. Blessed is that day, when this Divine Sun appeared on earth-as incarnation in human form, as son of Lala Dwarka Prasad Ji, a cloth merchant of Lakhna Village. Right from His early child-hood He was keenly interested in spiritual activities. For His higher education He shifted to Gwalior to join Victoria college. He graduated with merits in the year 1896 and took up teaching profession in Victoria Collegiate High School. Thereafter He was promoted as Head Master Morar High School. Subsequently He was transferred to Sardars Public School at Gwalior Fort in the year 1912.

His quest for truth, ultimate realization of soul & spiritual pursuits continued relentlessly, till finally He met Sant Satguru Huzur Chachaji Maharaj at Agra, when He realized in His heart of hearts that He had found His ultimate goal, His ultimate mission. He took initiation from Sant Satguru Huzur Chachaji Maharaj on Chaitra Badi Padwa day in the year 1899. He was deeply enamoured of Surat Shabd Yog practice and succeeded in attaining amazing esoteric and mystic experiences until ultimately He achieved His final goal and merged His soul with the Supreme Lord.

He had started regular 'Satsang' i.e. divine services wherever He lived, at Fort Gwalior, Bala Bai ka Bazar , Shiv Ramkole ka Bada (Dana Oli) in 1923 and finally a society was registered on 8th April 1931 as " SHABD PRATAP SATSANG" and SHABD PRATAP ASHRAM was established in 1933. Holy Samadhi of His Guru Huzur Chachaji Maharaj was constructed and ever since then divine services are regularly and punctually being done.

All through His life, He led a life of disciple of Huzur Chachaji Maharaj. He never declared himself as Guru though all of His followers got internal guidance in their spiritual progress and had started regarding Him as their Guru, the Divine mentor, the Spiritual leader.

For the benefit of English knowing people He authored a book "RETRANSFORMATION OF SELF" where in He has scientifically analyzed the truth of Sant Mat.

For the "International congress for Psychic Research" held in Paris in September 1926, He wrote a " Message of Peace and Bliss" which was highly acclaimed world wide.

Mr. A.K Rovay Metaliski wrote "Infact it was your 'Message' that interested me the most of all the lectures" of numerous westerm scholars, for I feel by intution that your methods of seeking the truth are the only right ones.

A gentleman from France wrote "I being quite convinced that what you say about the highest goal, recommended to all the seekers of truth is good; I apply to you with the hope of receiving the elementary teaching you would kindly grant me"

He had authored number of books both in English and Hindi giving in great details and depth about the philosophy of Sant Mat and Surat Shabd Yog.

It was when He realized that His mission of coming in this world was achieved , He decided to return to His eternal abode. Exactly one year in advance He had declared His final date and time to relinquish His human body. In a letter sealed in envelope & handed over to His daughter in law with the instructions that the letter be opened only on 18-08-1940 after 9:30 AM. It was on this day and time that He merged himself with the supreme lord.

His daughter in law Mrs.Guru Pyari Devi was a very pious lady and had imbibed noble qualities of head and heart from her father-in-law. She was a devout satsangin, merciful mother of all the Ashramites.

In one of His letters to His grandson Shri Sant Prakash Ji Gupta He had written " Santo whenever in future your faith in 'Sant Mat' shakes, then remember my following statement of my experience that your grand father strived so hard all His life to find the truth of this religion, this path, that His blood has turned into water. Even after this much strenuous efforts, if I would not have found Sant Mat to be true, practical and the correct spiritual path, I would have never liked that my own children should waste their life by following this path".This statement is for all other satsangis also.

Shri Sant Prakah Ji Gupta also inherited noble qualities from His grand father.All through his life he was an ardent and devoted, Satsangi. He was President of Shabd Pratap Satsang managing committee for a very long period i.e from 20th Dec 1954 to 26th May 2001 when he left this mortal coil & reached final destination at the feet of the Supreme Lord.